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Spirit of olive wood

Traditional Handicrafts

Spirit of olive wood the original olive handicraft products

The Olive tree is the symbol of life since antiquity. Especially on our island, Corfu, where there are more than 4 million olive trees, it is a vivid part of our everyday life.
Apart from olives, this priceless tree also offers its wood of unique quality and beauty. This is why we use olive wood in order to create household utensils, as well as decorative articles.
Our products are all handmade, all of them unique and useful. Our dedication, our passion and our imagination are the main ingredients for our creations.

Our product range is constantly widening, thus covering your needs and desires!


Appetizer Picks, Backgammon, Candles, Chopping Boards, Coasters, Corks, Egg Cups, Honey Sticks, Honeypots, Ink Pens & Pens, Lemon Squeezers, Mortar & Pestle, Napkin Holders, Nutcrackers, Spatulas, Spices Cases, Spoons, Toothpick Holders, Unique Pieces


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All products are handmade, unique and designed based on the natural structure and grains of the wood..

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In our shop in Corfu Town you can find all of our handmade creations. Choose from hundreds of unique designs and sizes.

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